ART & LOVE CARAVANMarija Belić Bibin


Get ready for: LOOOVE!
We are thrilled and proud to announce beginning of
ART&LOVE CARAVAN project in Balkan region.

ART&LOVE Caravan is D’OR project based on bringing together people from post conflict countries in Western Balkans (ex Yugoslavia countries).

This is an art and educational project involving small communities in the Western Balkans.

Countries included:
Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Monte Negro.

Project implementation time:
June – September, 2016.

This is an art and educational project involving small communities in the Western Balkans.
In the summer of 2016 ART&LOVE CARAVAN will offer free kids art craft and nonviolent communication workshops together with workshops on life changes/problem solving/love spreading talks with adults.

The purpose of this project is to connect people through art and educational free workshops for kids and adults, after war and conflicts in this region that are still present in people’s minds (unfortunately post-conflict issues are still not overcome).

With children we will paint and talk about nonviolent communication, where we play, create and learn how to talk like Giraffe, not like Jackal!
Giraffe is a peaceful animal standing for compassionate communication! Let’s find, paint and be giraffe!
Jackal is a giraffe just with a communication problem! Let’s find, paint and understand jackal!

Grownups are you ready to feel Love?!
We are surely ready to bring Love with us!
ART&LOVE CARAVAN project is bringing talks on life changes, problem solving, love and life as it is with people from Balkan region.
We are motivated to bring people together to share their hopes and fears about life and exchange experiences about it.
We believe in humankind and need for understanding among people as an ultimate need for each one of us.
We are all the same no matter how different we may look like!
If we understand, love and talk more and share more, all problems and conflicts will become smaller and easier to solve.
So, this is exactly what is the main purpose and mission for






Project is supported in part by a grant from

Burners Without Borders”