D’OR – Dove Olive RoseMarija Belić Bibin


Sets new standards and creates beautiful future


D’OR is an organization, a company that is different.

We do and see business in a humane and responsible manner and through sharing.

Our vision is to create a humane and responsible market, where business development refines and develops its environment, invest in children, share with those who are in need!

With every item you get/buy with D’OR, it will bring help to kids without parents. We will instantly share our time, work, energy and gifts with children without parents.  There are a lot of kids without parents that need all of us to help them to create a fair, better and lighter future for them and us as well.

At D’OR One product means two satisfied people. With one you get, another one will be delivered to a child without parents. One is Two. We create smiles on kids’ faces as well as on yours since we believe in humanity among all of us. We believe consumers would love if their purchasing could bring something good happening around them. We believe in human and responsible market where we earn and share with those in need.

We are not the first and surely we are not the last of our kind in this way of doing business.

Now, about name D’OR meaning.

D’OR stands for: DOVE, OLIVE, and ROSE

D’OR written with an apostrophe means GOLDEN

DOVE, OLIVE, ROSE represents symbols. More or less these symbols are known to everyone.  But in this contest used as logo, with a dove in flight, bearing an olive branch and a Rose twig in its beak actually represents the following three symbols: FREEDOM, PEACE, and LOVE.

First symbol is Dove.

According to various legends, mythology, religions, from early BC, ancient Greek and Rome till nowadays, Dove symbol was always present and still is. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, freedom, peace and love. For the ancient Egyptians dove is a symbol of the silent innocence, tenderness, purity. With Olive branch in its beak Dove brings salvation to Noah’s ark, the message of God. Message of salvation. Also, it was a message of Peace between the enemies. It’s a message of love, freedom. The Dove represents the personal symbol of numbers of Goddesses like Aphrodite and Venus symbolizing love, beauty and friendship. Doves live in pair for the lifetime, building their nest together and taking care of their young. They are presented in a number of cultures, legends, stories, emblems, organizations, countries, the Olympics etc. Here with D’OR meaning I’m using Dove as a symbol of personal freedom to be ourselves in the essence of one’s being.

Here we come to the next symbol: Olive.

For centuries, Olive branch was used as a symbol of certain messages, usually very similar to dove’s messages. The olive is a symbol of peace since the time of ancient Greek mythology, ancient Rome, and in modern times. Olive according to many legends is a symbol of Oneness between men and women, as a symbol of sublime and perfect love, two bodies as one turned into an olive tree, which seems to have been intertwined bodies of two lovers. Olive tree is thought to be a template for an ancient/eternal type of relationship between lovers of any. Two bodies like one. It’s One soul.  Also, Olive is seen as a symbol of immortality, patience, and because of its longevity and constant giving fruit is considered as a symbol of fertility, than wisdom, peace, light, health, hope, harmony … The ancient Greeks used olive fruit as aphrodisiac. For Celts Olive tree is a symbol of harmony and they have a special Olive tree day establish on the day of the equinox in September. For me, Olive symbolizes Peace in D’OR.

Last but not least there is the Rose.

Rose is here presented as a symbol of love standing in dove’s beak along with olive branch. The Rose was sacred to a number of deities. Rose is a favorite alchemists’ flower.  As a symbol of India Rose was marked the absolute perfection, perfection without error, the soul, the heart and love. In antiquity it was a symbol of Aphrodite, the immortal love. In Christianity Rose has symbolic meaning of Jesus blood, as well as his heart. In Renaissance symbolic meaning of the Rose with eight petals was a mystical symbol of rebirth, revival, and that’s why since ancient times roses are placed on the graves. At the time of Shakespeare Rose already became poetic standard. Both Islam and Sufism are glorifying the Rose as well. Rose is the national flower of England, unofficial Catalonia symbol. In the United States rose was declared a National Council symbol, as well as in the Canadian province of Alberta. Rose is associated with numerology and so depending on the number of petals symbolizes immortality, the ultimate wisdom of the alchemists, love, life and light. Rose through many stories, interpretations was described as a symbol of respect, faith, beauty, balance and harmony, wisdom, intrigue, commitment, sensuality, timelessness, but mainly and most often as the strongest symbol of love. Here it is a symbol of Love.