Either you or it, if it’s you then you are in love

Categories:Creative, Psychology, Society
Marija Belić Bibin
Either take control of your life, or it will control you.
Have you heard of this sentence? Even if you haven’t before, now you have and I have to say it is true. Either you take control of your life and stop complaining, or you keep quiet, since you have let life control you. However, if you decide to take charge of your own life, rest assured that things will get better, that in time love will blossom between you and ultimately, you will find Peace.
Most people make excuses in order not to take responsibility for their own lives, and generally someone else is guilty for all our misfortunes. Rare are the ones who will say: If things are as they are, I am responsible for how they are. Rare. Those who do say this, they are fighters, they are already on the path of loving life. And they know this. They know that this love is just around the corner. Because, realistically, taking responsibility for your own life is proof that you have seriously began to regain control; that it has delivered all the blows it could have and you raised your arms and decided: OK, I will deal with this, nothing else has worked.
Begin. Because, when you take control of the steering wheel in your life, you will feel it change towards you. When you feel that life is not kicking you down any longer, but steering you in the right direction, when you feel that life is motivating you to grow, to better yourself and enjoy it, that is when you will begin to seriously love life. Then a time will come when you realise that you should be thankful for your life every morning, not out of obligation, but with joy and most importantly, respect. Only then does the carousel of life take on a new light, creating every day as a kaleidoscope and taking your breath away with its beauty. And every day will be a new adventure where no matter what happens you know – even though you may not know why – that it has your best interests at heart, it’s a wise act of a long-term and unconditional love that surprises you and leaves you breathless. Then you will know what true Love is and it will knock you off your feet. Life.
So take control of your life and enjoy it, or if you are too lazy, let it control you, waiting for the day that you realise life is a game and it has been provoking you to start playing the whole time. Play and love, stop complaining. It’s either you or it, if it’s you then you are in love! Play, love, live, control your life, work on yourself, don’t wait around, don’t complain, don’t sit around, begin your journey. Ma vie, je t’aime a la folie!