Migrants – Migranti Intro

Marija Belić Bibin

I was trying to refrain, and to refrain again, meditating with myself, but sometimes it’s just not possible and one have to speak out. Loudly. My job put me in a situation to visit Migrant detention center in north Serbia, small place called Kanjiza. It is nearest spot to EU, right next to the border with Hungary. I was hard-hearted, trying not to give in on my previous decision to stay cool, not to intervene. But, God damn it, once a journalist will always be a journalist, no matter what.  So, I could choose: either to swallow truth, not to speak up, stay still, silent or…to “spit it” and say it. Loudly.  I saw it, I saw everything, all sides of the story, I was fully aware of everything, even though to ignore all images, scenes, signs…but no, i could not ignore it. It is impossible to ignore it.

It’s horrible, complete sadness, desperation, chaos on all sides… Such a cruel reality over there, all involved sides with no masks moving around with absolute no idea what to do, how to react, or what is right or what is wrong. And thousands of people lost, but dedicated to move forward, not backward. Where to go back?! Maybe eventually they would, but where, for what?! It’s not just Syria… It’s a life story of all desperate people being sick of crazy life conditions, unreal circumstances, lost, pain, blood, poorness, but most of all NO FUTURE, and at the end of a day it implicates NO HOPE. When hope is gone, than it’s the end!

And it’s scary … it’s horrible, because I saw this before, and I know for sure I’ll see it even more again. Too many refugees, immigrants, legal or illegal migrants, camps, detention centers, tents, dirty abandoned halls and schools full with poor people… There were too many for last few decades.

First of all, it’s smelly, bad smell, the air stinks, and everything stinks, camps, buses, people and most of all politics! Even more stinks that ridiculous theory of the Great powers which are constantly creating more and more collateral victims, damages, suffering and all of that completely unnecessary. All that just because of some imaginary politics of a Great good that did not brought nothing good to anyone.

Even more horrifying is the fact that all this is just calm before the storm.  Huge storm…. just an intro of Carmina Burana.

In a meanwhile, retarded Donald Trump is living climax of a typical American idiocy, autistic introspective Putin is counting his currency Ruble and Russian GDP, while US puppet the Ottoman Empire is doing all to prepare new wave of Kurds migrants and refugees to start moving this autumn.

Could you just imagine what it would be like in all those migrant camp’s sites or centers with blood clashes enemy migrants, fighting among each other during the day, and being target like in some Delta force gaming at night. Jesus!

Merkel of justice will continue to play her Big Mother role explaining to everyone that her neo-Nazi child is only a teenager under hormones. And us? Balkans? As always throughout history, we will play our role of military border guards of Maria Theresa Empress of Austro-Hungary, the Hapsburg Dynasty. And we will be playing this role proudly since it’s obviously the only thing we know how to do and we’ll be just so grateful to get an award or nickname Lala.