In my own unique way

Marija Belić Bibin

I believe in life, in energy, in God, Buddha, Muhammed, Moses, Jesus, however he is called in any religion.
But, I believe in my own unique way. I have my own approach.
I don’t believe in any kind of punishment, hell and the likes of it, but I believe that for the sake of balance and harmony in life, we sometimes have to go through all that pain that many speak of.
I call it cleansing for the children; so we do not leave our greatest mistakes – our conscious evildoings – for our descendants to pay for.
People consciously commit bad deeds, that is a fact. I believe that for the sake of harmony we must learn to make conscious decisions in life which will not bring evil upon anyone. This is something that is learnt, discipline is needed. When I say this, I mean full awareness and a sense of belonging and unity between people and nature. I mean doing things out of love for oneself and others.
People, animals, plants – we are all part of an enormous system, the Universe, which has existed for millions of years before us.
If that system has survived, it is only because there is a kind of balance and harmony in everything, starting from the sky, planets and stars, continents, countries, cities, streets, down to our neighbourly relations which are in a sense a small universe of their own.
Therefore, I believe that we should respect everything and everyone around us, that we should respect ourselves, our own lives and be grateful for every day that we are alive.
But you see, so few people do this. A very small percentage of humanity.
Maybe this way of thinking is close to some cultures, but it seems to me that it is becoming more and more some kind of collective consciousness of life, of our purpose of existence. As if it were a collective awakening, some kind of evolution of the mind.
And it has nothing to do with cultural and religious grounds.
Therefore, both you and I are the same, no matter where we are from and who we are. The essence is the same, even though we may be different.
At least this is how I see it, and I don’t think there is anything abnormal about it or that we should be afraid of anything that is happening in life.
Really, you who are reading this, there is no reason to fear! If you are going through a hard period in life, don’t be afraid. Everything is alright.
You are getting to know yourself, your life in all its fantastic colours and all its glory.
The power of life has no aim to do bad by you. If it were so, life on the planet would have stopped existing a long time ago. That is the simple truth.
Let life happen without fear of it, because it will take you to a new, beautiful place.
Exactly where you are supposed to be.