[:sr]Knjiga[:en]BOOK[:]Marija Belić Bibin

Adam, Eve, the 21st century. Love, mystery, risk. Ghosts, dreams and family relations. Unfinished love from a previous life, seeking to uncover the truth.


Who are we and what do we do with our life?
Adam and Eve had never met before. At least not in this lifetime. But, than their souls decided to uncover the Truth. The only way is to follow their inside voices. Some tests needs to be passed. Will heaven support them or not…. will they make it? Will they discover who they really are?!

Book Olive is inspired by the music, New age psychology, and identity crises. The Olive talks about raising awareness of Adam and Eve through the idealization of love between man and woman. Is it reality or just a fantasy? The story of the world famous musician and quite unknown painter from small town and their mystical connection manifested through inspiration and the arts. Is that all? Is this the end? What is the purpose? Can a man confront their own fears, disappointments and continue to live even better lives? Olive novel is a love story which is essentially concerned with knowing our self, raising awareness and learning about God, our relationships we build with family, friends, people we know or have never met in our life.